But Then Again...

I’m starting to get quite annoyed with myself. I promised myself I'd have a blog post up tonight. In fact, I spent the last hour or so writing one, only to decide in the end that there was no way I wanted to post it.

Truthfully, I’ve started at least four separate blog posts over the last few days. I’ve written about discouragement, choosing markets, writers supporting writers, and making the transition back and forth between working on novels and short stories. Each post I left just shy of completion.

I think what it comes down to is second-guessing myself, that feeling of wondering whether or not I have something worth saying, and if so, whether I’m saying it right. Did I pick the right topic? Did I do it justice? Does what I'm saying even make sense?

We’ve all had those times, haven’t we? Times when you wonder if you’re sharing too much, or maybe conversely, being too distant, when every word feels just not quite right.

I think second-guessing is at worst a plague to some writers, and at best, a now-and-again nuisance. But I’d suspect that most of us succumb to a bout of second-guessing at least every so often.

So I think tonight I’m going to throw out a question (or maybe questions) to anyone reading… Do you experience bouts of second-guessing? When are you most likely to second-guess yourself when it comes to writing? What do you do to overcome it?


  1. I used to always second guess myself, but them I realised, if someone's not interested, they just won't read it - no harm done. Just be you. There's nothing to be afraid of :) Just post your posts. Dive right in the deep end - it's the only way to overcome the fear.

  2. I have doubts and second guess all the time.
    Yet, in the end it is your blog.
    All that matters is that you are gaining something from the process.

  3. I think if you would just take up the nudist mentality, you would find it freeing. Just change your way of sharing to ALWAYS erring on the side of revealing too much, not WORRYING about what the neighbors are saying, and you won't run out of stuff. (heck, there is PLENTY to talk about if you detatch a bit)

    It is actually a lot like letting go to finish a first draft--if it has to be perfect, it won't happen... but see, the blogosphere doesn't require you to then FIX the darned thing! It's first draft central! How liberating is THAT? [says the nudist] *cough*

    You are FINE. You have strong skills, and we all get that everybody can't be brilliant daily. And if you undershoot, then when you ARE brilliant, you should SEE how everybody raves! They totally won't see it coming!

  4. And if you undershoot, then when you ARE brilliant, you should SEE how everybody raves! They totally won't see it coming!

    That's a good argument for underachievement if I've ever heard one!

    I'm totally with you on this one. That's something I'm working on... not second-guessing... I always feel like I have to get it absolutely right the first time.

    Something to remember: a lot of the time your stuff is much better than you think it is anyway. Much better.

  5. Hey, Lisa. I totally went through a period of second-guessing myself when it came to blog posts. But then I decided only to post when I had something to say or when something was knocking about my brain, even if it was a silly thing, like my TBR pile :D Some of my posts don't even make sense (Samurai Jack and the NFL?? lol) So no worries. We dig your blog as is!


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