The Little Novel that Could!

Once upon a time there was a novel. It was a humble novel that had no great literary aspirations other than to entertain. Its author very nearly filed it away forever, until, on a strange little whim she polished it up and sent it off to a little contest known as ABNA 2009.

And the little novel moved through the rounds of ABNA. And the little novel made it all the way to semifinalist and got some really positive feedback. And its author was surprised and gladdened at this.

After ABNA, the little novel got another revision and off it went again to yet another contest, the Fresh Blood contest sponsored by a whole bunch of great folks with some really great prizes. The little novel could be published by Leisure Horror if by some major miracle it could win!

Okay, so I’ll stop being cutesy, but the upshot…

The little novel that could is now in the final round of the Fresh Blood contest. I got the news just Wednesday that Heart of the City (the much maligned title, I admit) is one of two novels remaining that will compete this month for the grand prize: a publishing contract with both Leisure Horror (mass market) and ChiZine Publications (limited hardcover run).

Thank you all so much for supporting me through this. I know it gets tedious hearing my plea for help month after month, but please know that I appreciate every single vote you cast and every single word of encouragement that’s come my way.

And I’m going to ask once again this month for your help…for your vote.

To vote, you need only send an email to and in the subject header be sure to put Fresh Blood Vote - Heart of the City. Voting will be open until July 14th at midnight Eastern Time.

For more information on the two remaining novels (first chapters, cover copy, author bios, etc.) and comments from the judges, please visit Chizine.

And of course, if you visit the site and decide you’d prefer to vote for my competitor, I’ll understand and completely respect your right to do so.

Thank you all so much for your support. The blogging community has been so welcoming and wonderful. I’m so glad I’m not a part of it!


  1. That's fantastic! I voted...I think. I think I did it right. XD Anyway, best of luck!!♥

  2. Wow! That is amazing news! I'll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for you! Good luck. :-)

  3. Hey congratulations!
    What amazing news!
    Good luck!
    I voted too!

  4. Wow, that is so cool! Success stories make my heart sing.

  5. Awesome! I'll dash over and vote as soon as it opens. :)

  6. how exciting is this??!! :) Congratulations! You have my vote and I wish you the best of luck- I hope you win!! :)

  7. Cheers to the little novel that could. I'm sure it's a winner. Congratulations and Good Luck, Lisa!

  8. Congratulations! This is such a great accomplishment. Best of luck!

  9. great blog! Glad to see u linked up on our website


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