Fresh Blood - One Week and Counting

So one week from tomorrow I'll find out if I progressed through to the next round of the Fresh Blood contest sponsored by Dorchester Publishing/Chizine Publications/Rue Morgue Magazine. Although I have no expectations, it's also pretty exciting to realize that next week I might be one of only three novelists remaining in the competition. That would mean a one in three chance at that publishing contract.

I don't know what it is about those one in three odds--I mean the one in four odds were pretty damn good, too--but it just feels, well, different somehow. More real, even though that doesn't really make any sense.

So I've spent my last few weeks dutifully trying to drum up enthusiasm for the contest and votes for my novel. And the contest has been a good thing in other ways because it's encouraged me to reconnect with people I'd lost touch with, and has resulted in new connections and friendships with some great writers. It's also prompted me to get that long-wanted blog up and running and led me to some new blogging friends, too. It's also forced me to keep focused and always moving forward, despite my life being a little chaotic these days, and that's a good, needed thing.

So, you know it's coming, right?

I wanted to ask for your support in the contest. This means a lot to me, and as the last eliminated contestant was eliminated by a margin of FIVE votes, I know that every vote counts.

If you would take a minute to check out the contest, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can click here to visit the contest website. There you can read more about the books competing, including the first chapters, cover copy, brief author biographies, as well as the judges’ comments for each round of the finals.

For the short voting how-to: Please email votes to: The email’s subject line should read: Fresh Blood Vote -- Heart of the city

**One vote per unique email address is allowed, and votes without the book’s title information in the subject line won’t be counted. Voting for this round ends May 14th at Midnight EST.

You can also read more about my novel and my journey in the contest in a previous blog post: Fresh Blood? Who me?

And of course, if you check out the website and find an entry that's better to your liking, I will, of course, understand completely and still appreciate your support of this great contest.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my newbie blogging efforts as well as for your support in this contest. Hugs to you all.



  1. Hmm... Judging must be hard work.
    I think yours was the most creative of the lot...
    You got my vote. Good luck with the contest.

  2. I'm not a horror fan/reader, thus I voted for you because yours were the most interesting bits (and I did attempt a post-apocalyptic screenplay once)... I also added you to my blogroll. Happy Blog Jog Day and keep writing!

  3. The best of luck!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed (and like Barb, you are on my blogroll as well :) )

  4. I'm onboard, Lisa! Looking forward to this week's announcement. You can count on my vote!

  5. Thank you all for your support. It really means a lot to me. I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately, but it's true. The support I've had in this contest from people that I'm just getting to know has really just been amazing. And it's so great to be making new friends throughout this. I'll be looking forward to visiting all of your blogs.


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